Newborn seesions

Newborn sessions should be booked before your baby is born. We’ll pencil in a date based upon your due date and after the birth and you are home again then you can give me call and we’ll book the session before your little ones is 12 days old. Newborn sessions take place in my studio and usually take between 1½ – 2½ hours.  There is plenty of time for feedings, nappy changes and soothing if your baby needs it.

Try to keep your baby’s nappy loose for half an hour or so prior to our session so that we don’t have any red marks around their little tummy. Try and dress them in easily removable clothes in case they are asleep when they arrive and we might be lucky enough to capture a few poses before they wake. Try though to keep your baby awake before the session so that they’ll be tired. If it’s not possible, don’t worry! We have plenty of time and will work to baby’s schedule. A good feed of ‘milk’ in their belly just before our session will also help them sleep so aim to feed them when you arrive. It is a nice deep sleep we will be waiting for so that we can pose them in their lovely curly cosy positions as you’ve seen on my site/blog.

We have a good selection of backgrounds, blankets and detail props available.