Fotograf Terri Lindholm

Foto av fotograf terri lindholm av Lindholm PhotographyWho am I?

I’ll write in English since I am English. I met my Swede, my Olof, in 2001 in Geneva where we were both studying. We lived in London for a couple of years after that and then moved to Stockholm in May 2005. We got married in 2007 and we have 2 children who were born in 2009 and 2011.

Those of you reading here looking for a children’s photographer know that as a mum, my time is pretty much taken up with my family… that and running my business. My parents are of course abroad and Olof’s are in Skåne so our free time is planned to spend time with them.

I love to dance though and have danced a lot of salsa in the clubs of Geneva and London but more recently starting dancing bugg with Olof like a true swede!

I’m celiac (gluten intolelrant) so I am always on the look out for nice bread or gluten free recipes for all things fika. 🙂


Photography CV

I have naturally taken time to study and gain my photography qualifications:

2017 – I am a finalist in the Portrait category of the European Photogrpaher of the year! This means I have a top 10 placing and in April I will go to Sicily and find out the result!

Since November 2016 I hold the titel Qualified European Photographer – Portrait (QEP) as issued by the Federation of European Photographers. I am the 3rd person in Sweden to gain this titel. I can’t explain how I felt when I saw the results announced. I think I was more nervous waiting for the results, and am more proud at the result, than when I got my PhD!

In 2015 I qualified as Certified Portrait Photographer (Svenska FotoGruppen).

In 2014 I qualified as a European Photographer (Federation of European Photographers)

Since April 2015, I have been the President of Svenska FotoGruppen, Swedens branch organisation for professional portrait photographers.



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Competing for me is way to continually motivate my development as a photographer. There are always new lighting and editing techniques to learn, new equipment to get to grips with and new ways of seeing light and how I might use it for my message. With goals for competition I stretch my reportoir of techniques in ways I might not otherwise dare.

For the last 4 years I have entered the Swedish Portrait Photography Championships and each year have come home with medals and prizes!

2016: 2 silver awards, 1 bronze award and 1 honourary mention in the baby, children and portrait categories.  5th place overall in Sweden!

2015: 1st place (SM gold) in the theme category, ‘i väntans tider/in times of waiting’, silver award and honourary mention.

2014: 3rd place (SM bronze) in the Family/group portrait category

2013: 2nd place (SM silver) in the Children’s Portrait category.

2008: RIFO årsbok – digital salong.



I love to teach and share my knowledge. One of the best parts of my job as a medical physicist was supervising masters students in their 6-month projects. Now after a few years as a photographer I can do the same in my new field and I love it.

In 2016 I became an ambassador for Elinchrom (studio lighting equipment) demonstrating childrens photography for them at Stockholms Fotomässan. I was interviewed as part of this role and you are welcome to watch it here!

In 2015 I held a series of live workshops in children’s photography from shooting to printing at Sweden’s largest photography fair in Alvsjö (Fotomässan) with Network Innovation.

I hold seminars, workshops and private mentoring for portrait photographers in both Sweden and Norway, talking about my experience with children’s photography and running a boutique photography business. This series started winter 2014, when I toured 12 cities through Norway and Sweden in 15 days with Lundeby & Co. AS. In 2015 I held a seminar in Oslo and in 2017 I will be doing a tour of one-on-one mentoring in Norway.

morsdag, mother and daughterMy photography story

I was as specialist medical physicist at Karolinska University Hospital (Huddinge) working with radiation safety and medical imaging (mostly MRI). Photography had long been an active hobby and after the birth of my son I started my photography business. I started out in 2010, working weekends during the summer and autumn when my husband came home from work. Between my 2 children I tried to balance running my photography business from home 2 days a week while I continued working at the hospital but realised that my heart and mind was in photography and no longer in physics. I opened my studio in December 2012 and have been working solely with photography since then.

It’s been a very eventful few years and I have loved every minute! I get to meet so many different people, young and old from all over the world. I may work alone 80% of the time but I have a very sociable time at work! I love photographing babies and then seeing them again a few month later for their 1 year session. I can see how much they’ve changed, their hair growth, they’ve got teeth and started to walk. Oftentimes I get to meet them again a couple of years later when they’ve become a big brother to a baby sister. It’s a wonderful experience to document these times for all my families. I have the best job in the world!