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Baby Arvid – 6 months

I recently photographed 6 month old baby Arvid from Tullinge. He’s just 3 days older my little Alice! At this age I’d expect to be photographing a baby laying on his belly, holding himself up with strong arms and IF I’m lucky, a sitting baby. But this little nipper didn’t keep still for a second because he’d recently learnt that he can use his feet and crawl around! It was so great to be able to capture this early milestone for his parents…and just check out his eyes, they are huge! I usually show parents a few shots in camera and I showed Arvids mum this first image and she said that it was really a typical ‘Arvid’ Expression!

In special appreciation of such a fabulous baby shoot I am now offering a special offer for baby shoots! Book your baby portrait session before the end of June 2012 for only 600 kr! The photo session shall be booked for a date between 30th July and 3rd September 2012. The photo shoot will be in a mini studio setting so the discount applies to babies less than 8 months old who cannot crawl or equivalent-we all know that babies find some pretty unique methods of getting around! I am already taking bookings for August so if you are interested in this offer then don’t wait too long to make your booking!

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