Qualified European Photographer (QEP)

I’m now one of only 3 people to hold this titel in Sweden! Terri Lindholm, QEP… thats sounds nice 🙂

This year I’ve been working on a longer project for a qualification panel. The QEP certification is issued by the European Federation of Photographers and is very highly regarded. It certifies an excellant level of professional photography demonstrating appropriate and controlled use of lighting, posing, editing, retouching and printing. It is judged by 5 international judges. The mounted prints (40×50 cm in my case) are sent to a location in Europe, this time it was Amsterdamn. Each picture is judges and then the series as a whole. 12 portraits. …well I passed with flying colours with all 5 judges voting yes!

One of the judges at this years SM was there (not judging, just helping out with logistics) and she recognised my panel and sent loads of pictures for me taken from behind the scenes! I’ve put them together in this 1½ minute video which ends with the 12 portraits.


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