>Raoul, 9 months

>Anna and Fredrik played underwater rugby with my husband for several years before they moved to Germany 2 years ago for work. A sad loss to his team! Now they have finally moved back to Sweden, just not to Stockholm so I guess they’ll be playing on opposing teams at some point in the year!

Anyway, more to the point, whilst visiting family in Stockholm over the Christmas break they took the chance to book a family shoot with me! Happy me! Raoul is the cutest little 9 month old! He curls his tounge when he laughs in a way most of us can never do! It was just my luck that the shoot was planned when we had a 90% partial solar exclipse (little did I know) so lamps and flashes were used in part, but Roaul didn’t seem to care! Here are a few of my favourites with a few more in the slideshow to follow!

Some of you might recognise Anna and Frekke from my portfolio and old blog post. A stunning 2008 wedding couple! What a wedding it was!

Jag älskar mitt jobb som bröllopsfotograf och familjefotograf! I helgen har jag fotat baby Raoul i Stockholm!Jag älskar barn- och familjefotografering! Jag fotografera fler familjer i Stockholm och Skåne.

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