Susann and Ricky Engagement Photography Session

>Last week I photographed Susann and Ricky’s engagement session. In most of my wedding packages an engagement is included. It serves 2 purposes really. Firstly, we all to get to know eachother before the big day so that my couples can relax safe in the knowledge that they are good hands. Secondly, my couples get some nice photos of themselves in the ordinary clothes which they can frame for their homes or even in their wedding party program and wedding preparation website!..or order a photo guest book: a lovely photobook complete with blank pages for your guests to sign on the wedding day!

Susanne and Ricky have a little baby which they left with grandma for the first time since he was born to do their engagement session. I felt honoured! They were nervous and could only remember the horrors of their high school photos and eager for some photos that show them as they are and how much they love eachother, in a relaxed way!..and I think we managed that! Don’t they just look beautiful and in love!

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