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Married at Ulfsunda Slott

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June 30th was Joelle and Henriks day, their long awaited wedding day was finally here. Joelle was stunning in her beautiful gown and Henrik very stylish in his 3 piece suit, what a pair! Their ceremony outside under an allé of tress was lovely. Their officiant, Mattias, had some wonderful words to say including a piece of advice that I thought was so true… and important to reflect on now as I approach 5 years married! He said beautifully and simply, “Love is not only something you feel – it is something you do. Work on your relationship. Make it your most important project in your life.”

Ulsfunda Slott is the best of wedding locations, a beautiful slott near the centre of town. It’s perfect if you have lots of long travelling guests with its closeness to Bromma airport, stunning hotel rooms and the possibility of an outdoor ceremony in the tree lined allé or the courtyard makes you spoilt for choice…why the praises of this slott? I got married myself here 5 years ago and had the most perfect day ever…just as Joelle and Henrik did! See for yourself! Beware though, the slideshow will take around 7 minutes to watch! …and if you want the full experience then listen to this playlist while you watch!



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