>Autumn shooting vs family…


With my last Summer wedding done I can breathe out and say…What a year it’s been!

I’m actually on maternity leave and have my hands full with our little Oskar each day until about 6pm when Olof comes home from work. Only then can I get down to blogging, editing photos, creating client galleries or designing photobooks while also trying to share some family time before Oskar goes to bed! It’s a constant battle to balance family life and running/developing my business. I guess there are many out there who recognise this difficulty. It’s not made easier either by the fact that I’ve had far more clients this year than expected and that they nearly all want to upgrade their packages!! (Really, I’m not complaining!)

The result of all this though is that I’m constantly playing catch up! At least I have no more families waiting for blog pictures but now I’m playing catch up on the client gallery front..but I’m nearly done there too! And then I have a whole bunch of families and brides working on their picture selection so I have a HUGE amount of photo editing and album designing to do this Autumn. Which brings me to my dilemma… how many more bookings should I accept this Autumn?! I’ve been umming and aarhing for a few weeks over this topic and I’ve decided I’m going to limit my number of booking from now till Christmas. So, If you are thinking of booking me for a shoot before the end of the year you need to get in touch because I don’t have that many sessions left available!

Today, instead of working on a client gallery as I had planned I decided to take my camera into the garden and capture Oskar and his 2 front teeth! I’ve been trying to find time for this for about 3 weeks…and today was finally the day! It’s really quite a challenge trying to entertain him, stop him from eating grass and mud and shoot at the same time…all by myself!… but I managed to get a here they come, our darling Oskar, the cutest baby in the world – 10 months old!

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