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Malin + Gunnar + Landsort + gale force winds = stunning wedding portraits!

>I helgen var jag den lyckad bröllopsfotograf i Stockholms skärgård åt Malin och Gunnar!
I’ve been looking forward to shooting Malin and Gunnar all Summer long and got really nervous this week when the forecast for Landsort on Saturday changed twice per day! Showers, cloudy or rain, what would it be? I was a little nervous…but not Gunnar and Malin! “A little rain is nothing,” said the Swedish coast guard! Well, if you are happy to shoot in the rain then so am I!! …and we did.
At first it was just spitting a little so the shelter of overhanging roof tops kept Malin and Gunnar pretty dry…and then the umbrellas came out…

…and then…well, the 15 m/s (roughly 40 mph) gale force winds and Forest Gumps ‘sideways’ rain came in straight off the sea…just before we planned to take the panaoramic shots on the clifffs by the sea… run!! We took shelter in a grimy workshop to wait it out . (Big thanks to Sjöfartsverket/Swedish Marine Authority for opening up for us!) But the wind and rain just didn’t stop! So, we carried on inside and got some stunning shots. I think you have agree! I just followed the light and my job was super easy because Malin and Gunnar are so beautiful and just radiate happiness! They rocked!

Eventually, the weather calmed a little and we could brave the outdoors with the wind and rain, that just fell from above, to climb over slippery rocks and get the shot in front of Landsorts lighthouse! Yes! We got there in the end!

As I packed up my things to leave the island I was left feeling happy. I knew I had taken some great shots and the skies were clearing up. I could even see a patch of blue which meant Malin and Gunnar could have their wedding in front of the lighthouse afterall! Perfect!

Thanks Malin and Gunnar for choosing me to document your day! I loved every second! Congratulations again!

p.s. I just have to add this one personal shot! The afternoon before the wedding I walked around the island looking for locations and found this spot filled with loads of fishing gear and thought it’d be perfect! But… just as I started shooting this location with Malin and Gunnar, the skies opened for real and we ran like the wind!…but at least I got this beautiful shot of my favourite boys!!

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