>Freja, 4 months!

>Yesterday I photographed the most adorable 4 months old Freja in her home. The apartment had the best light a photographer can imagine when going to a home shoot with a wall of North facing windows! Wonderful!

We had such a lovely time. Almost every prop and detail you see in these pictures is special, from the hat which Teresas had for the evening of her wedding, the patchwork quilt was hand made my Frejas grandmother, as was her white knitted dress which she will wear on her name giving ceremony next week. The ribbon on the dress was used in the detailing of Teresa and Andreas wedding day! It’s so lovely to go to a home and photograph a family amoungst their treasured possessions! It makes the photos even more meaningful. Well, here are some of my favourites!

Teresa told me that Freja had started to show an interest in her feet and laying in the picnic basket gave her the perfect position to admire her little tootsies! This was the first time she had grabbed her own feet.

This is where Freja usually watch her dad cook dinner!

I’m really looking forward to designing this photobook!

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