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Malmqvist family session in Huddinge

Last week I had a fabulous early morning session with Karin och her lovely family at Rådsparken in Huddinge. They arrived in lovely coordinated outfits and looked amazing! They are such a happy family full of life and play and the cutest kids ever! I had such fun with them and their children and the photos are amazing…perhaps my best ever?! Or maybe it’s just my emotions taking over on Mother day! This session was actually a gift Karin received (I think for Elins Christening)  but since I was unable to shoot during the second half of last year I couldn’t fulfil the gift. I of course found another fabulous photographer for her but she wanted just me and was willing to wait…what a compliment!

Rådsparken was a great location with beautiful backlit setting in the morning, has a great playground, a small farm yard with ponies, goats, sheep, rabbits etc that the little ones can stroke and feed. Perfect! My family came along too and we spent a couple of hours there ourselves after I was done. It was a lovely morning out and makes the perfect family activity after a shoot! We even bought sausages that we could grill ourselves on the BBQ that was ready for grilling!

Anyway, today it’s Mothers day in Sweden so I thought the first photo of this lovely family should be one of Karin and her lovely Anton laughing and hugging. It’s a picture every mother wants I’m sure!

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Förra veckan hade jag en härlig familjefotografering i Rådsparken, Huddinge med Malmqvist familjen. Helt underbar var den!

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