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Alice 6½ months old!

Yesterday I photographed Alice sitting up in the long grass and blue flowers (I can never remember what these flowers are called so if somebody knows then leave a comment!). I photographed Oskar in the same place 2 years ago when he had just learnt to sit up and I was just waiting for these flowers to appear to have a similar session with Alice. Oskar had just learnt to sit up at the time and fell over a few times during our mini session, but Alice was a pro…but she has already been sitting by herself for a month already. I can’t believe she is 6½ months already! Another milestone is captured in these pictures (well the right hand photo in the second row…if you look closely)…Alice got her first two teeth last week! They both popped up on the same day just as she had a terrible cold. They are so cute! At the moment you can just about see them when she smiles wide but in a couple of weeks time they’ll be in full view I guess. Anyway, enjoy these lovely photos of my little sweetie!

sittande bebis i gräset, sitting baby in grass,

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