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>Photobook design layouts!

>I’ve had many customers and facebook fans ask me about my photobooks and page designs. So, I thought I’d share a few page layouts of books I’ve recently designed or ones I am just getting started on.

What I love about a photobook is the storyboard layout. A moment or incident is recorded in a series of photos rather than just a singel photo. I think it brings the whole memory to life for those who were there and makes a more vivid story for those who weren’t.

My photobooks are made using a single piece of photopaper to make a double page spread which allows me to design the layout with 1 giant photo over the spread since there is no loss of picture in the fold of the pages. It makes a really powerful impression!

I’ll try and post some more layouts in some of my blogs in the future!

Since I have a white background on my both my blog and page layouts it was tricky to show you how the photos are really arranged. So, I have framed each spread in my pictures here on the blog. The book pages do not actually have a frame around them!!

I hope you enjoy!

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