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New viewings with LIVE photos

I have something really exciting to share!

I’ve been working on a new product and a new way of working and now everything is in place, tried and tested and I want to shout it out from the rooftops! LOOK!… You now get to see your pictures edited and printed AT YOUR VIEWING! You can pay and take them home with your right there! NO MORE WAITING! (If you want larger framed pieces I still have my full product assortment of course and I can order just as before)… Just imagine… taking home your entire collection of prints, frames and files directly from your viewing…just 1- 2 weeks after your session!

I’m fully booked up to midsummer and now taking bookings for the last week in July and August!


Wedding Coffeetablebook Design

>This weekend I’ve been madly working with photo editing and album design. Here are a few coffetablebook layouts from a Jessica and Magnus’s wedding this Summer! More will come soon!
Jag älskar mitt jobb som bröllopsfotograf i Stockholm och Skåne! I helgen har jag designat lite album sidor med bilder av ett bröllop från i somras samt av min kille Oskar!

>Gift Certificates and the perfect Christmas present!


Jag älskar mitt jobb som bröllopsfotograf i Stockholm och Skåne! Jag älskar barn- och familjefotografering! Denna gången visa jag bilder från min vardag med min lille kille! Kör ett presentkort till en fotosession hos mig! Det blir en perfekt julklapp!
It’s the time of year when you sit down for a nice quiet cup of tea and your mind wanders off to the topic of christmas presents and panic stikes!..well here’s a thought. How about giving a photo session for a Christmas present? This time next year with the pictures hanging on the wall your loved ones won’t have forgetten what you gave them because they’ll still be enjoying the perfect gift! You can give a gift cerificate for any amount or even a full package, just as you choose.

Did you have a shoot with me this year but wish you’d ordered a photobook or more prints? Then wish these things for yourself!!

Are you getting married next year? Then wish for gift certificates and use them to pay for your wedding photography!

Since a blog isn’t finished without a photo I thought I’d show a few that share my everyday life… pictures of Oksar! 12½ months!

He’s learnt to clap his hands and walks around very happy clapping away!

until he sees my camera and tries to get it himself!

He is usually seen with a telephone of some sort in his hands.. he knows where they all are! Recently though he likes to let me talk in the phone!

If he doesn’t have a telephone then he has a pen…and he won’t let go of it even if he’s playing with somthing else, such as the guitar hero!

And he loves to roll around and rub his face into our new fake fur blanket!

>Photobook design

>I’ve just finished another photobook design for a family in Skåne and thought I’d share it on the blog since so many readers seem to be interested! The book is 19 x 19 cm, is hardbacked and the cover is a lovely gloss photo!

Here’s the cover…

…and each page is a lay flat double spread. The borders are only here for the blog and are not part of the page designs.

>Photobook design layouts!

>I’ve had many customers and facebook fans ask me about my photobooks and page designs. So, I thought I’d share a few page layouts of books I’ve recently designed or ones I am just getting started on.

What I love about a photobook is the storyboard layout. A moment or incident is recorded in a series of photos rather than just a singel photo. I think it brings the whole memory to life for those who were there and makes a more vivid story for those who weren’t.

My photobooks are made using a single piece of photopaper to make a double page spread which allows me to design the layout with 1 giant photo over the spread since there is no loss of picture in the fold of the pages. It makes a really powerful impression!

I’ll try and post some more layouts in some of my blogs in the future!

Since I have a white background on my both my blog and page layouts it was tricky to show you how the photos are really arranged. So, I have framed each spread in my pictures here on the blog. The book pages do not actually have a frame around them!!

I hope you enjoy!

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